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Will a Microsoft Certification increase my chances of getting a job?

In some cases, a professional certification can make all the difference between landing a job or not being considered for it at all.

Although certifications are considered useless by some hard-core techies who don’t believe they need a one to prove their skill levels, the job market continues to remain competitive. The lack of certifications just may be moving your resume to the bottom of the pile.

When an IT professional stays on top of their certifications, they are able to keep a mental inventory of tools that have become available. It's not always easy to keep on top of every advancement in the IT field. The certification tests do two things. Firstly, they prove to your employer that you have knowledge of the current trends.... and secondly, and more importantly, the certifications give you the tools to quickly merge into new areas.

There are very few ways to quickly prove to yourself that you really have touched the breadth of knowledge in a specific area. Certifications are a way to - not only guide you through the roots of emerging technologies, but they also offer you a way to measure your understanding of these new technologies.

I recently asked an IT friend of mine why he continued to upgrade his certifications as he already has a full-time job, and his response was clear... "While it does benefit my professional endeavors, the satisfaction that I get knowing I'm prepared for any challenge that may come with my next project… is priceless."

Ultimately, getting one or two certifications will prove you're capable of learning and retaining knowledge. Several certifications under your belt shows that you are committed to a career path, well versed in it, and knowledgeable. You become a “hot commodity”.

As your certifications grow and begin to require experience and dedication to earn, they're exponentially more valuable and proof that you are familiar with industry best practices, have worked in the field, and have retained your knowledge.

Bottom Line: Take your career to a whole new level... your life will have many more possibilities with certificates attached to your resume. Your certification is more than a credential for your employer or potential employer to measure you by… it is your own measuring stick... because the only person you really need to best... is yourself.

And that's 30!

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